Gemma Huckle, Queen of Content, discusses why winning our first award has enhanced Rooster Punk’s brand and culture…

Last week it was fantastic to take home our very first industry gong. Our B2B Award was for an awesome (and incredibly human) internal brand campaign for our client, Make It Cheaper.


Rooster Punk and Make It Cheaper celebrate their victory

And who doesn’t like to be recognised for a job well done? Almost nobody.

Receiving awards and honours doesn’t get any less motivational throughout our careers. Whether you’re at the very start of your career, a mid-weight professional or a confident leader; awards are still good for the soul.

And this accolade has been a great boost for Rooster Punk and the team. Next year will be our third year in business, and since our inception we’ve always believed in the work we do and the impact it has on brands, the people behind those brands and those consuming our work. We’ve always cared about winning, but we’ve taken great care to continue to ensure everything we do is human. Because it’s not about winning at all costs for us, it’s about being true to who we are and why we do what we do so we can grow and win sustainably.

It’s been personally fun to be part of the Rooster Punk journey from day one and see how the team and the business has evolved. Today, I’m proud to say that we are creating award-winning work that not only gives the agency gravitas but says we deeply care and believe in what we do. It’s lovely to see that this milestone in our journey has only made our belief in what we’re doing stronger.

And as someone who’s also referred to as the Queen of Culture in the office, I have seen the positive impact that commendable awards like this have on culture, values, morale and team unity.

The agency has also doubled in size in the last six months, which has meant dedicating more time to take care of our culture without over-engineering it. It’s much trickier than it sounds, but a good starting point is trying to be more conscious and aware of how employee culture and external brand are related and affect one another.

In an ideal world, external brand and internal culture are consistent but in reality it’s a tough balancing act. We want to show that we are easy to work with and our culture of strong interdependence, empathy, a shared vision and goals are naturally helping us project this.

Companies that are winning are creating authentic and intentional cultures. Cultures where the people are driven and looking forward to the next project they can get their teeth into. Although, creating a remarkable culture isn’t always easy.

For me, it’s all about making a daily nod to all the things that support the vision, values and practices you expect of everyone in the business. Promoting and facilitating these habits internally will motivate and support staff to build a robust culture that externally recruits and retains talent.

We all want to be ambassadors of something great, which is why we’re working hard to make everyone at Rooster Punk an ambassador of the agency because it benefits the leadership, the wider team and recruitment when everyone emanates our positive values and virtues to make real change to people, the industry and the world.

And while we continue working hard to crack the complex world of culture, I hope we collect more awards while we’re at it!

Oh, and if you’re interested, you can read the full case study for the best example of B2B internal marketing here.

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