Rooster Punk sent Megan Lowe down to Futurescape – Samsung’s annual event that promotes innovation in technology and business – to find out what opportunities lie ahead for businesses…

On Tuesday 6th June, I was invited by Samsung to attend Futurescape with the team at Rooster Punk. As I walked through the blue-lit underground venue, screens displaying footage of busy commuter routes and the consumer market greeted me. Seeing this made me realise how fast the world is moving.

We were soon ushered through to watch the presentations. The stage featured a whopping 45 Samsung screens on a curved wall – it was made to look like a giant curved TV. These screens displayed the Futurescape logo alongside the line: ‘Today into Tomorrow’.

I should probably mention that opening the event was my mum, Sally Wright who is Marketing Director at Samsung. During her welcome talk, she explained the purpose of Futurescape and how the ‘new normal’ of business is upon us. What she meant by the new normal was how the speed of innovation that we experience as consumers has impacted on what we expect from our technology and ways of working in business.

After mum’s talk, Futurologist, David Wood came on stage and spoke about technology within business and the speed at which the world is moving. He also made a point that it is okay as a business to struggle with keeping up with the change however, you need to have the courage to admit when you’re falling behind to make change before it’s too late.

Following David’s talk a panel of entrepreneurs and innovation commentators discussed how to implement the right technology and strategy to meet the needs of tomorrow’s most talented employees.

Following the talks, we were led down a dark and futuristic tunnel walled with screens and brightly coloured arrows on the floor, opening up to a white-lit room filled with Samsung’s latest technology for us to experience and try out.

I really enjoyed trying out the virtual reality headset where Thomas Cook took me on a few tourist experiences to New York and Singapore – it was like I was really there. It was also fascinating to learn about Samsung’s new DeX solution which turns your smartphone into a desktop experience when you drop it into the dock.

There were so many new things I learned whilst at Futurescape, but below are the key things I took from my immersive evening with Samsung:

  • Samsung was started on £20. Although more of trivial fact, the idea that a multi-billion-dollar company was started with such a small amount of money is a motivator for anyone wanting to start a business themselves.  If you really believe in an idea, it truly is possible to make happen, as seen with the dedication and passion of Lee Byung-chul (founder of Samsung Electronics).
  • The ‘new normal’ is upon us and will redefine what is possible tomorrow. Futurescape is aiming to highlight how innovative technology can help businesses create a ‘new normal’ today and redefine what is possible tomorrow.  By new normal, Samsung means that one generation’s impossible is another generation’s possible; suggesting that through Samsung’s new innovations the once impossible is now considered to be normal.
  • Around 40 per cent of workers will be self-employed by 2020. Throughout mum’s talk, she referenced emphasised that by using technology and processes that employees want to use will help companies attract the best talent out there (including contractors).
  • Car dealerships are now thinking like fashion brands. Thanks to innovations in mobile technology, industries such as car retailers, no longer need large car dealerships to showcase their car models and instead shop for car by experiencing it through the use virtual reality within shopping centres, much like buying a new dress or pair of shoes!
  • Virtual reality is helping sell homes with virtual tours. It’s amazing to see how Samsung’s technology together with businesses creative ideas, can make life easier and accessible for everyone.

These are just a handful of the things that I learned whilst at the event, but it is definitely worth taking a look at the video of the highlights from the night below.

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