Due to popular demand, Rooster Punk has added more dates to accommodate everyone who wants to learn more about the power of meaningful brand stories. It’s first-come-first-serve, so please submit your preferred date below.

The next briefing is on 11 August 2015 (9.30-11.30am) at Second Home, London’s most iconic space for entrepreneurs and creatives. The morning will be packed full of storytelling, case studies and discussion.

Paul Cash, Chief Rooster of creative agency Rooster Punk, will explore how advances in behavioural economics, social psychology and neuroscience are redefining the way we build brands, develop strategies and drive sales. He will unveil the 13 Stories every brand needs to tell to build customers relationships that are more authentic and more human.

Paul will also be sharing ‘behind the scenes’ storytelling case studies, and its transformative effect on how brands are viewed in the market.

To apply for this event, click the link below and fill in the form at the bottom of this page. We’ll respond to your request as soon as possible!

Paul Cash
Chief Rooster, Rooster Punk
As Chief Rooster at Rooster Punk, Paul is passionate about helping the leaders of technology companies to communicate their ideas and products through the power of story. Paul has tonnes of experience working with business leaders to inspire them to create and build remarkable brands from the inside out. He’s also a big believer in business as a ‘force for good’. Prior to founding Rooster Punk, Paul co-founded multi-award winning technology agency, Tidalwave.
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