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Consumers wouldn’t care if 74% of brands didn’t exist.*

We want to change this.

We’re on a mission to help brands become a positive force in people’s lives. To create brands that matter. To help them to stand for something more meaningful than simply making a profit. Enlightened brands from Patagonia to Funding Circle, and Virgin to Samsung, are leading the way. They have made a conscious decision to take a more human and purposeful approach to the way they run their business. And guess what? They are growing fast and hitting record profit levels.
Rooster Punk is a brand and storytelling agency. We help business leaders, brand owners and marketing directors to re-think their place in the world. We place human truths and emotions at the heart of what we do. We create brands, stories, content, campaigns and experiences that move the people that matter to somewhere valuable, useful and desirable. Ultimately, we know the best brands are lived, and not just presented as words and images. That’s why we work tirelessly to activate and inject life into brands.
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* Research conducted by Havas Media, Meaningful Brands Survey 2017.