Brand designer

We’re looking for a bright, talented creative with a passion for all things brand to join the growing team at Rooster Punk.

Working with our Creative Director you will assist and lead on projects including exciting tech start-ups, fast growing business, consumer brands and projects for blue chip companies. You will have a love and appreciation for all types of corporate, visual and verbal identity as well as innovative design based ideas that cover mobile and digital. You will have worked in a top 20 London-based branding agency for 3-4 years and be looking for your next move.

You will need to work well on your own and be able to conceptualise and drive ideas and projects forward. A keen mind and knowledge of how brands are changing and evolving is vital to this role. Please advise of any illustrative skills, photography, video, animation and other creative talents in your application.

A bit about Rooster Punk
Rooster Punk works with brands that want to make a meaningful difference in peoples lives. Brands that people believe in. Brands that matter. We believe in the power of story and bringing a more human approach to the way companies position and market themselves.

The clients we represent have a deep commitment to innovating markets, making better products and services, taking an active role in society, treating their employees as ambassadors and ensuring the planet is fit for the next generation. We provide a range of services that include brand strategy, identity, content, brand experiences and the creation of social communities.

Our clients include some of the world’s most progressive start-ups as well as global blue chips that are re-imagining their place in the world.

We’re a small and growing team of nine people. We’ve been doing our thing for just two years and we have big plans to build something meaningful. We’re looking for fun, dynamic and intelligent people with a passion for ruffling feathers and challenging the rules of branding and advertising.

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