We often get asked why we’re called Rooster Punk. Firstly let’s talk about the Rooster name. Yes we’ve taken the American spin on the word Cockerel, but did you know this noisy bird is the Christian symbol for warding off evil? Didn’t think so. It’s for this very reason you see it on the top of a church spire. In our case, the evil is the excessive nature of the profit capitalist mentality that gave way to the global recession of 2008.

We wanted to make a stand against companies whose sole reason to exist was to screw everyone over in the name of profit. The Rooster therefore represents the ‘force for good’ philosophy we believe should be at the heart of all 21st Century businesses.

Still with us?

Okay, so what about the Punk bit? That’s a lot simpler. Our view of the world and what we believe is important to build the most significant and iconic brands of the 21st Century is still not a mainstream approach. This anti-establishment view is nicely captured with the word Punk.

So there you have the story behind our name Rooster Punk. Feel free to tell the world.

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