It sounds like an idealistic world, but driven by the concept of business as a force for good, founding partners Paul Cash and James Trezona have spent the last three years creating a modern-thinking creative agency. An agency that is determined to be at the forefront or shaping and working with the next generation of iconic and purposeful companies.

Why now?

The relationship between brands and customers is at an all-time low. Research from Havas Media (2017) states we wouldn’t care less if 74% of the world’s most popular brands didn’t exist.

“Customers and employees have become disenchanted with companies and brands whose sole purpose in life seems to be about driving profit,” says Cash.

Surely every company wants to make a profit?

At Rooster Punk we see profit as a result of doing business well and not the purpose of business itself. As an agency we are incredibly growth-hungry and entrepreneurial, just like many of our clients. But rather than following the tired formula of: make a product, sell it, turn a profit. We believe in something different.

Why are you guys different?

Rooster Punk is an agency for marketing visionaries and business leaders who want to create brands that really matter. We believe in creating a more human connection between brands, customers and employees.

We work with companies that have a deep commitment to innovating markets, making better products and services, taking an active role in society, treating their employees as ambassadors and ensuring the planet is fit for the next generation.

“We recognise this way of thinking isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Around 90% of companies today still follow a ‘profit rules’ approach to business, and we are comfortable with that. But for those more enlightened thinkers we offer something different,” states Trezona.

We ultimately believe this approach is the most sustainable way to create high levels of profitability.

Our entire philosophy is centred on bringing a more human and engaging aspect to the way brands position and market themselves. We call this approach 'Humanising Brands'.

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