Business leaders and entrepreneurs are driven to build iconic, profitable and successful brands. But people and the planet don’t have to be screwed in the process – there’s a fresh, alternative way. Welcome to the age of meaning.

    • Become more profitable.
      The good news is a brand that has meaning makes a bigger profit. So it’s not only the right thing to do, it makes commercial sense: meaningful brands yield a better set of business KPIs.*
    • Be a force for good.
      We want to help companies create better products and services for their customers, create better places to work with thriving cultures, and a better planet and society to live in.
    • Think, act and speak human.
      Make sure your product or service is user-centred; tell stories to engage and connect with your audience; give it some emotion.
    • Know what you stand for.
      Giving a damn, making a difference and standing for something will act as a magnet, giving your audience a reason to fall in love with your brand.
    • This is your wake-up call!
      The clock is ticking – mediocrity has passed its sell-by-date. In an age of scrutiny and transparency, brands will live or die by their meaning and purpose. It’s a simple choice: be distinct or become extinct. You decide.
    • No-one will remember you for your share price.
      The most profitable, valuable and iconic brands of the 21st Century will be remembered for their meaning and purpose. They’ll be remembered for what they don’t sell, as much as what they do sell.
    • Your meaning = your differentiator.
      In abundant markets most customers are overloaded with choice. Cut through the noise by telling stories and having a purpose.
    • Don’t be faceless.
      Shine the light on your employees and customers – they are the cast of characters in your brand story. Illuminate the human element behind your brand.
    • Giving your brand meaning makes your products gettable.
      So make abstract and hard-to-grasp offerings more concrete, clear and credible.
    • Your brand’s purpose is your compass to navigate your future.
      Unless you know why you’re here, how can you know where you’re headed?
    • Telling stories makes your business stickier.
      People don’t remember spreadsheets and business plans – they remember stories.
    • Storytelling isn’t just for sexy brands.
      Not being sexy doesn’t matter, what’s important is whether you have a compelling story that sets you apart. Nail your story and share it.
    • Keep your storytelling simple.
      Use everyday language and steer clear of jargon to engage a wider audience who’ll understand how you can help.
    • Focus on how your product enhances people’s lives.
      Not just how it works.
    • We have 80+ years left of the 21st Century to convert every business from mediocrity to meaning.
      The world is littered with brands we don’t care about*. Let’s dominate the 21st Century with meaningful brands.

We love brands who dare, brands who care, brands who share. We are on a mission to change the world. Are you with us?

*Havas Meaningful Brands survey 2015.

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