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Care²: Building affinity through a shared commitment to care

14 March, 2023

The back story

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) had an existing relationship with US bank Truist, as a small supplier. But following a merger, Truist was on the cusp of transforming their customer service offering and digitising their services, and TCS wanted to open up a conversation about how they could help on a much bigger scale.


The quest

With a lot of change on the agenda, Truist was planning to pitch multiple large outsourcing and IT Services deals over the coming year. TCS knew that as well as having the capabilities and experience Truist would need in a partner, they were a perfect cultural fit too – sharing the intensely customer-focused mindset that underpins all Truist’s decision-making. Rooster Punk’s task was to help TCS communicate this to C-Suite executives at Truist, ensuring their name would be front of mind – and their passion would shine through – when the time came to draw up pitch lists.




Truist was formed from the merger of two banks with long, local pedigrees in the southern USA. Truist’s core brand value is ‘care’, which is born from a deep-rooted tradition of face-to-face banking and personal service. TCS understood that this obsession with customer care needed to be front-and-centre throughout Truist’s transformation journey. And they also knew they were ideally placed to make it happen, because TCS too is a company built on care – with exceptional customer service as well as a commitment to serving people and communities.


The story

Our idea was born from the cultural overlap between Truist and TCS – the fact that they are both organisations that are built on care. The story we created is ‘Care Squared’ – the idea of a multiplication of care that happens when two deeply people-focused organisations join forces.


Design of ‘Care Squared Device’ with supporting tagline


Creative treatment

We developed a simple graphical ‘Care Squared’ device that TCS could use throughout any comms aimed at Truist in social media, content, presentations and beyond. By hinting at Truist’s brand colours we were able to create communications that were aimed at them, without using their name or branding in public channels.

We created an emotive video that brought the ‘Care Squared’ story to life and showed TCS’s understanding of and natural affinity with Truist as an organisation.


Care² Creative Output



We developed a story to underpin the entire ABM experience, bringing to life the cultural connection between the two organisations. The story informed our own creative output, while enabling TCS’s sales and marketing teams to demonstrate consistently that they were on Truist’s wavelength.

Rooster Punk’s output included:

  • Story
  • Emotive video for social channels and f2f presentations
  • Campaign look and feel
  • Care Squared graphics and guidelines
  • Lead images and headlines
  • Linkedin posts PPT template
  • Messaging framework




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