Founded to champion business as a force for good

Founded in 2013 by serial entrepreneur and innovation junkie, Paul Cash, Rooster Punk has grown to become an award-winning agency based in London and Bristol. We founded Rooster Punk because we want to play a part in making the world more meaningful; a world that’s full of more human brands. We want to leave our mark on the world and in doing so there’s no greater calling than using our talents to empower brands to make a positive impact on society by embracing their human side.

Power of the flock

Our focus has always been on building a strong flock of Roosters that feels like a family. Walk into the studio and you’ll be greeted by non-conformity, which is what makes it special here. The truth is we aren’t big on structure or hierarchy and we’re glad things aren’t like that because for us, working at Rooster Punk means enjoying what we do together. The beating heart of our culture is real, genuine people who all passionately care about creating a world full of more brands that matter. We’ve always been big believers in surrounding ourselves with talented people who learn from each other and have fun to make awesome things happen. A team of people that stand together through the successes and the failures to achieve true transformation for the agency and our clients.

Join us in the coop

We’re always looking for talented, motivated and organised people to join us in the chicken coop, so if you’re a dreamer and a doer looking to do your best work, click the link below to complete the form and we’ll be in touch.

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