We’re an eclectic bunch of people, each with our own story to tell. Creatives, VR geeks, technologists, planners, suits, administrators, storytellers, cake makers, beer drinkers, snowboarders, netballers, footy coaches and ping pong masters. We’re all united by the notion of working with brands that genuinely want to be a positive force in the lives of their customers and employees.

Paul Cash
James Trezona
Managing Director
Callum Murphy
Story Technologist
Gemma Huckle
Queen of Content & Culture
Head of Cuteness
David Thomas
Executive Creative Director
Przemek Czaicki
Tony Donnellan
Head of Planning
Nick Davies
Creative Strategy Director
Amanda Baker
Creative Strategist
Will Hay
Web Developer
Hanne Kjeldsen
Senior Designer
Alana Griffiths
Marketing Strategy Director
Shannon Tremaine
Account Executive
George Simpson
Sales & Marketing Manager
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