Who: Currencycloud is an innovative FinTech business that makes managing international payments in today’s global digital economy simple and scalable for financial institutions, payment companies and digital marketplaces.

Why: Following a successful round of investment Currencycloud appointed Rooster Punk to help humanise their complex product proposition into a purposeful and engaging story that resonated with audiences and employees across the globe.

What: We immersed ourselves in the business with a series of leadership interviews, interactive employee workshops, customer interviews and online surveys. The insights were used to articulate a new purpose, mission and vision; all brought to life with a new logo, new values and a new visual identity. The brand launched in June 2016 with a new website, new branded offices, video content and a range of supporting collateral.

Moving money around the world is a complex, mysterious and highly regulated business and something the traditional banks have maintained as a ‘dark art’ in order to maintain high margins. Currencycloud is the antithesis of this old way. They simply provide a payments API that allows any startup or international payments business to plug its front end solution into the banking network to help perform a variety of financial tasks. This developer and business-friendly payment process approach help companies get to market quicker and allows them to actually ‘make money’ on FX transactions. Ultimately, Currencycloud recognised that if they could help money ‘flow’ around the world quicker, it would create a better tomorrow for everybody.
Helen Aboyage - Currencycloud


”We had to do a total re-brand and move offices in three months. Rooster Punk have turned us from a tech focused financial company into something meaningful. They helped deliver a complex project involving multiple stakeholders without dropping the ball.”

Helen Aboagye, VP Marketing, Currencycloud



Achievements: Following the brand launch in April 2016, Currencycloud saw some dramatic business results. Inbound web visits increased by 20%. Sales opportunities increased by 42%. Win rates increased by 25% immediately following the launch and continued to increase to a further 77% over the year. Employee NPS also increased by a huge 20 points.


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