Samsung understood that one of the biggest challenges facing teaching today is in trying to keep students’ attention throughout a lesson, and often the point when they turn their back to use the board.  Research showed this was the time that the distractions become most evident


To create an overarching campaign to raise awareness and drive demand for Samsung Interactive display solutions to Education purchasers and those that influence those decisions.


Using the proposition of ‘Captivated Classrooms’ we partnered with Teacher Toolkit – a huge influencer in education, and TES, to to reach over 200,000 TES subscribers in the education sector through a combination of direct email, social and digital communication that focused on Samsung’s solution to the issue teachers faced when in the classroom.


  • Banner campaigns across TES and Teacher Toolkit generating 849,384 impressions and 5338 clicks between them.
  • Over 11,000 views of Teacher Toolkit articles.
  • 700 demos provided at BETT event.
  • Visits to the landing page increased by 920 in the campaign period.
  • LinkedIn post at the start of BETT achieved 1.54% engagement (over the industry standard of 0.85%).
  • Gained 60 new Twitter followers with a 60% increase in impressions.

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