Who: Make It Cheaper is a fast track company that eradicates the hassle faced by Britain’s small businesses when it comes to shopping around to get a better deal on electricity, gas, insurance, merchant services and telecoms.

Why: Make It Cheaper needed an injection of something new to try and turn their fairly low interest and dry proposition into something that had a more human and engaging story behind it.

What: We developed a purpose and new visual identity for Make It Cheaper that not only gave their customers a different way to think about ‘boring energy savings’, but gave all their employees a reason to get out of bed in the morning. The brand launched in June 2016 with a new story, website, video, internal communications and a range of supporting collateral.

Helping companies save money on utility bills, whilst pretty important, is a very dry and tough proposition to make exciting. But when you dig a bit deeper and go beyond the ‘money savings’ you can piece together a series of amazing stories that are triggered by a simple phone call to a Make It Cheaper call centre agent. This insight was the catalyst for us to explode these often amazing, and sometimes bizarre, stories into the consciousness of both prospects and Make It Cheaper employees. In a few strategic leaps, we helped evolve Make It Cheaper from simply a money savings service to one whose purpose was equally about putting a smile on the face of small business owners all over the country. The fear of missing out (FOMO) on something incredible as opposed to the apathy of saving money became the new emotional driver for the category.


“I’m delighted with the impact Rooster Punk have had on our proposition. We’ve created the right platform for delivering an emotional connection externally, but also a genuine emotional bond with the teams across the business. We share a greater sense of purpose, it’s why we get out of bed every day – to put a smile on the faces of British businesses. The fact that they’re a great bunch too makes this success even sweeter”

Sam Reynolds, Marketing Director, Make it Cheaper

Achievements: The first wave of activity centered on getting high levels of internal engagement with the new positioning and story. Make It Cheaper saw a dramatic uplift of 117% on its eNPS survey compared to the previous period. Staff received the new story well, scoring it 8.4/10. Staff churn in its call centre decreased by a huge 37%.

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