Rooster Punk were approached by Samsung to help launch the new DeX solution to the UK business market. While seen as just an accessory internally, the solution, combined with either the new S8 and Note8 devices, offers a unique and flexible way of working and the challenge was to show how/why the new Samsung DeX could benefit the busy, on-the-go user.


Raise awareness of the new DeX solution and showcase scenarios of when and how this could be used.


As well as developing the strategic position for DeX in the UK market, Rooster Punk developed all the sales and channel support material as well as creating the launch video and key visual.
The video has been used to promote the new DeX solution across paid and owned channels and formed part of the global Note8 launch campaign.


  • 38% of organic engagements
  • 1.5k Twitter impressions
  • 141 Twitter Engagements
  • 2.1k LinkedIn impressions
  • 63% of all Samsung Business LinkedIn engagements

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