Who: Uniwheel is the brainchild of Russian multi-millionaire and investor Timur Artemev.  His vision to change the way we move around cities using a new form of motorised personal vehicles (MPVs) is fast gaining traction all around the world.

Why: Timur Artemev has a clear vision to make the Uniwheel the Ferrari of MPVs and had assembled a crack team of designers from McLaren and Jaguar in order to achieve this. The product launch in December 2015 was seen as a critical period in order to drive significant press and consumer interest in this new form of transportation.

What: Rooster Punk developed a consumer-facing story for Uniwheel that captured the emotional ‘head turning’ experience of the MPV.  We wanted to reach out to those individuals (we called them Urban adventurers), with a free spirit and sense of style that wanted to try something new. We backed this up with a set of brand guidelines, creative assets, web site, copy, video content and a big launch event in Shoreditch.

Working on the Uniwheel brand launch was a transformational moment for the Rooster Punk team. Not only did the entire agency get to spend half a day learning (or not learning) how to ride the Uniwheel device, but we also got to work on a genuinely new piece of revolutionary tech that brought out the inner geek in all of us. Building the brand from the ground up was hugely rewarding, and seeing all our work come together in a showbiz event at Shoreditch studios made all the bumps and bruises worthwhile.


”We chose Rooster Punk because we liked their sense of storytelling and how they could bring a human touch to the Uniwheel brand. They also helped us drive significant journalistic interest to our launch event in a matter of weeks, great team.”

Yev Baluyeva, Brand Executive, Uniwheel


Achievements: The Shoreditch event in Dec 2015 was a huge moment for Uniwheel. We drove over 300 people to the event, including significant press interest from the BBC, Engadget, Design Week, City AM, The Verge and many others.



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