Who: Volo (previously known as eSellerPro) was launched in 2006. Volo provides the software that helps eBay and Amazon entrepreneurs to manage the day-to-day logistics of running their multichannel online business.

Why: Volo had undergone a new round of investment and a new leadership were tasked with taking the business to the next level. Rooster Punk won a three-way pitch to craft a fresh brand story that helped breathe new life and excitement into this ecommerce software brand. As the market leader in a growing sector, Volo wanted to reassert ownership of the category by shifting from a technology-led to a customer-centric brand.

What: Following a series of customer interviews, it was clear that when customers became free from the admin burden of running their multichannel business, they could think about more important things like their brand, new product lines, new markets and new opportunities. In a nutshell, the software literally helped their business take off. With this insight, we overlaid the flying analogy and theme to the brand, renaming it Volo along the way, and created an all-together more human and interesting story for the market.

The Volo story is an exciting one. There are over a billion items listed 'for sale' on eBay and Amazon alone. The online sellers include unknown vintage clothing brands to car giants like BMW. In this fast growing eCommerce sector sellers need help managing the vast array of product listings, pricing, inventory and customer orders. The software that helps them do this and lots more, comes from Volo. Online sellers can literally see their products fly all over the world helping create an exciting adventure for all Volo customers.
Paul Watson Volo


“When we set out on this journey our objective was simply to refresh our existing brand, eSellerPro. In the agency selection process Rooster Punk stood out from the crowd…there was an energy, excitement and ambition that gave us the sense they would push us to places others wouldn’t and that we might end up somewhere quite special as a consequence.

We weren’t disappointed. The stark realisation was that we’d missed the point in the original brand and it was time to bring all our value to life. As Volo, we have an energised team that’s galvanised behind the things that our customers have told us make the real difference and behind the vision of making selling online as easy as buying online.”

Paul Watson, Chief Executive Officer, Volo Commerce




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