The back story

Incopro helps brands to protect their IP and trademarks from attack by fraudsters and impostors online. The internet can seem a little like the Wild West for businesses, with criminals creating copycat products and websites, impersonating brands on social media, and putting customers at risk with faulty fakes – and getting away with it.

Through its technology platform and global network of expert analysts, Incopro helps brands to fight back, finding and squashing online threats from even the smartest and most determined infringers.


Key Results:
increase in average
order contract value
uplift in win rate against
main competitors
growth in net new
business sectors
rise in inbound leads from
our target customers


The quest

Incopro was operating in a growing market, which was attracting a host of new competitors.

But in contrast to many competitors, Incopro offers a rich blend of both technology and deep analyst and legal expertise across a variety of sectors and jurisdictions. This is something highly valued by customers but not properly understood by prospects.

Our research showed that people were overwhelmed by the scale of the problem. They felt outnumbered and outgunned by globally organised, sophisticated networks of infringers. There was a real need to develop a new story that would bring Incopro’s different global offices together around a customer-driven mission.

We set out to:

  • Drive an increase of 20% in average customer revenue.
  • Increase the average number of products taken by customers, by 20%
  • Increase the volume of inbound leads by 10% (with the same media spend).
  • Position Incopro as a partner who could help those brands feeling overwhelmed and under attack to feel empowered and able to fight back.
  • Connect with a wider audience within target businesses. This meant reaching decision makers beyond the brand protection teams, such as CMOs, with larger budgets.
  • To unite a dispersed internal audience behind a clear strategy and mission.


The Incopro Storybook & Brand Guidelines



  • Global businesses and brands across a range of sectors including automotive, luxury and fashion, consumer goods, retail, manufacturing, sports media, pharmaceuticals and technology.
  • Core audience of Brand Protection Managers and General Counsels. Our extended audience included CEOs, CMOs and Heads of Marketing, Supply Chain managers, Corporate Risk and eCommerce Managers.



  • Customers felt powerless, underappreciated, frustrated, lonely, bombarded and outnumbered.
  • Customers felt angry at their inability to fight back in a meaningful way.
  • Brand protection seemed like an excercise in futility. Previous attempts at addressing the problem always seemed to throw up more problems.



  • Instead of fighting alone, Incopro championed the idea of joining forces. By uniting all of its clients behind a common mission, everybody could feel protected.


The organising story

If the world’s ganging up on you. Join a bigger gang.

Rooster Punk worked with Incopro to develop an emotive new story: Join a Bigger Gang. It grew from the insights we gathered that showed how the target audience feel lonely, bombarded and outnumbered by online criminals.

We knew that Incopro’s market leading platform and expertise, coupled with their international network and the intelligence they constantly gather from working every day with the world’s biggest brands, meant they could offer a feeling of powerful protection.

By working with Incopro, brands can fight back at the toughest and the worst that the Internet harbours: because no matter how big the criminals’ gang may be, Incopro’s will always be bigger.


Incopro’s newly-branded website

Incopro’s internal office branding, design and messaging



•. Employee alignment and objectives adapted to reflect the new strategy and positioning.

•. Join a Bigger Gang storybook created.

•. Sales enablement training.

•. Web site redesigned and brand film created.

•. New brand guidelines created.

•. Office design: posters and wall art developed to tell the new story.

•. INSYNC: we designed the first global customer conference, explicitly to launch the new positioning and to create user forums and communities.

– 150 attendees (from Asia, Europe & North America).

– 100% approval rating from attendees.

  90% signed up to INSYNC network to actively work together to combat the threats they face.

•. Key Content and Analyst briefings. Gartner arranged briefings with a number of alternative providers as well as Incopro. Their feedback stated that Incopro is substantively different and their proposition and positioning plays to agendas and use cases in enterprises that are unmet by the competition.


“Rooster Punk really challenged us and educated our exec team on the need to move from a functional to a more emotional marketing approach. The new story and strategy has got everybody on board and totally changed the way we operate in a highly competitive market. The results speak for themselves.”

Alistair Brown, CMO, Incopro