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Strategy, stories, campaigns, and experiences creatively applied to the wonderful world of brand and demand in complex B2B markets. Let us help you and your marketing grow.

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Let’s introduce ourselves: we’re Rooster Punk, the creative storytelling agency that’s unleashing the power of heart, humanity and humour in the world of B2B marketing.

Why would you want to work with us? Because we help humanize complex business brands by unB2Bing their marketing so that they can resonate with their audience, get ahead of the competition, and grow.

While others talk product, we talk people. While others generate leads, we generate memories. While others crafts messages, we craft stories.

Be that revenue growth, greater share of voice, more sales, proving ROI, or helping marketers make their mark in the industry. Now that’s punk.

In a world of complexity, our agency team, with years of experience in the B2B space, work in close partnership with you to untangle the messiness and help you reach your business’ true potential.

If you’re a different kind of B2B marketer and want to try marketing that’s transformational, give us a call.

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B2B Marketing Awards, 2023
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The Drum Awards B2B, 2021
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B2B Marketing Awards, 2022
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Clients we've helped

We work with

Leave your mark
on the world

We work with VC-funded scale-ups (series A-E) who are maturing fast and on a mission to fundamentally change the way people live, learn and work.

From Fintech to Healthtech to Climatetech, these companies are fuelled by belief and purpose. They have a big appetite for growth, and want to leave their mark on the world.

Here, we’ve helped humanize the likes of Allica Bank, Funding Circle, Currencycloud, Divido, Learnerbly and many more…

Let the world
know your name

We work with PE-backed, mid-market, M&A-hungry companies who are on a transformative journey. These businesses need to mobilise fast, and go to market with clarity and audacity.

From software to hardware, services to logistics, Ai to the metaverse. These companies are energised by the size and scale of the transformation ahead, and have an insatiable appetite for growth and category domination.

Here, we’ve helped humanize the likes of Marlink, TeamViewer, WalkMe, Elavon, and many more…

Make the world
a better place

We work with global blue-chips who need to reimagine their role in the world, eradicate complexity and drive growth in new and exciting ways.

These companies are customer and planet driven, and have an innate desire to make society and the world of work a better place for all of us. They are growth hungry, ambitious, and ready to do whatever it takes.

Here, we’ve helped humanize the likes of Capgemini, LinkedIn, Ericsson, Akamai, TCS, NTT DATA, Bupa, KPMG, MARKEL, and many more…

How can we help

your brand

Brand strategy, identity and activation.

Here’s a selection of our brand work covering everything from strategy and repositioning to naming, identity, activation and TV advertising.

We’re proud to work for VC-backed scale-ups like Currencycloud and Learnerbly, to global giants like Elavon, Markel and Equifax.

We would love to work with you next.



Creating a category-defining brand story for Crowdcube.


Charming the socks off SMBs for Elavon


A truly uplifting tale of Elovo


Helping Learnerbly grow their people, business and brand


An invitation to the greatest show on earth

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How can we help

your demand

Strategic campaigns, ABM and content marketing

Here’s a selection of our work covering strategic campaigns, Account Based Marketing (ABM), Deal Based Marketing (DBM) and more general content marketing and demand generation.

We’re proud to work for next generation tech companies like WalkMe, as well as established blue chips like Capgemini, KPMG and TCS.



Introducing TATA Consultancy Services to the British public


A story about facing a changing future, and seeing it through.


When you’re facing big challenges, it’s time to think big together


A YuLife case study: Helping businesses take heart.


A story of mythical creatures made real

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Our ABM offering

Do you get that sinking feeling that your ABM initiatives have fallen into the habit of being lazy sales campaigns? Are you submerged in your own complexity and unable to deliver an account experience that can deliver on your growth targets? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Many ABM programmes (some research indicates over half) fail to meet expectations; sales and marketing leaders, despite all good intentions, find themselves on the back foot. The big question is, “What steps can you take to change hearts and minds?” After all, it’s tough out there, retention is an equal priority to growth. It’s time to shake things up with a more engaging and human approach. Its time to call in the Roosters!

Taking B2B somewhere new

Discover the
magic formula

How would you like to develop B2B marketing superpowers? It’s easy: just get your hands on a copy of our best-selling business book, Humanizing B2B, where we share everything we know about driving growth through a transformative people-first approach.


Humanizing B2B is a rallying cry and essential reading for ambitious B2B marketers eager to transform their careers. It is a refreshing, inspiring and passionate tour de force of why emotion and storytelling must be placed at the heart of a business’s brand and sales proposition.

5 star rating
Luke Lang, Co-founder and CMO at Crowdcube

This is a book that breaks down the barriers of brand building in B2B. For brand and lead generation marketers this is a must read. It’s bold, informative and makes a compelling case that brand is demand. Humanizing B2B is the only way to go.

5 star rating
Mark Bogaerts, Director Brand & Sponsorship Europe/UK at Tata Consultancy Services

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