Opening up Engine B 

Research in 2018 looked at the impact AI was likely to have on global audit services. The results were startling – >80% were ripe for automation already. At the same time the ‘big 5’  were under pressure to open up the market. From this burning platform, Engine B was born. A KPMG spin-out, the ambition was to create a common data model to transform professional services. 

KPMG’s global head of strategy, impressed by the work Rooster Punk had done for their main brand story, approached us to help tell the Engine B story  

We created a video series, explaining the vision and roadmapThought-leadership blogs and opinion pieces persuaded global FTSE50 leaders in a charming yet smart style that landed a powerful message. 

The Engine B story worked. The team initially received backing from 9 audit firms, ICAEW and Microsoft – and now is gathering momentum to completely open up the professional services world.  


Illustration style in action, Rooster Punk, 2020.

Early stage illustration styling, Rooster Punk, 2020.