Article | Yasmine Khan

You are the Magic Bullet. So quit wasting time looking elsewhere.

21 January, 2021

Let’s get straight to it. I’m not going to tell you to meditate, be mindful, get into downward dog and slurp a green smoothie and all of a sudden a new you will emerge. What I am saying is; are you showing up for yourself, if not, why not?

What this means, is in order to find a better version of yourself, you need to look inwards and get to grips with who you are. The real you, not the Instagram or Facebook you.

Seriously, who are you? What is your self-identity? What is important to you in life?  What are you values and beliefs? What drives you? And, I mean what drives the very core of you? What gives meaning to your life and purpose to your days? Be very clear to yourself about this. Fire yourself up, the answers lies inside. Once you’re back in touch with your self identity then get out of your way because the magic bullet has been fired.

High performers are not only happier, but they are in control. They do not drift in the direction the wind blows them. They do not get distracted by fear or circumstance. They rise to the challenge, because they know they are capable, committed, confident and in control.  Of course, nobody is perfect, high performers have anxieties and stresses liked we all do, they are just in tune with them and find ways to manage them.

We often don’t realise how strong we are until challenges/opportunities present themselves. Can we empower ourselves from these challenges and opportunities? Yes, if we have true self-mastery.  Of course, there is concern with what’s going on in the world, I can’t control it any more than you can. So, let’s focus on what we can master and that is our own mind.

Here enters the notion of a ‘growth mindset’ and before you say you have it, let’s take a moment to understand what it is and isn’t. Firstly, it doesn’t mean you’re an open minded, flexible, easy going, positive person (although these kind of people are nice to be around). It doesn’t mean you think it so therefore you have it – this is a false growth mindset. Growth mindset is when you truly engage in the learning process in achieving outcomes and dealing with setbacks that come with it. If you’ve dusted yourself off in the past, learned from setbacks and got stuck in with a renewed vigour, then you have it.  You may not be using it as rigorously, it’s difficult to have a pure growth mindset, but this is the muscle you need to flex again and again and again.




Go back you who you are and what you value in life, like your life depended on it.  What are you passionate about? Make sure your ‘why’ is compelling. This is what’s going to propel you towards mastery. Get rid of the bucket list. One or a few compelling ‘why’s’ is all you need. Learn from your mistakes, increase your self-awareness and keep learning. When challenges show up then you show up by embracing those challenges. A growth mindset pumps challenges like a body builder pumps weights! Challenge is your fuel.

Fall in love with whatever you do. This is when you know you truly believe, because you love what you do. And when you love something or someone you never quit on them; you keep going until you achieve your goal. You need a never quit mindset. Finally, in the same vein never quit on yourself, express self-compassion and turn to others for help. Growth mind-setters learn from others and lean on them too.

Now it’s possible that over time you have forgotten that you are the magic bullet. Self-reflection isn’t easy, especially if you have spent year’s settling into the comfort of a fixed mindset. To become that magic bullet again you will need to challenge your long held self-beliefs so you can become a confident, capable, committed, in control and better version of yourself.

Right now, the work/life shift and the traditional dynamics of leadership, culture, teamwork, bonding, relationships, performance and productivity are being tested like never before. Personal wellbeing matters, because you matter. We all matter. Leaders, managers, everyone. Never forget that.

Organisations that recognise a true remote/digital culture and high performance are directly linked to the wellbeing and personal growth of every employee, will thrive in a post Corona world.



Written by Yasmine Khan
Wellbeing Consultant
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