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In a world overgrown with brands people don't care about, we stand for something different.

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We create brands
that matter.

How do we do it? We call it Humanising BrandsRP

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Give your brand the human touch and watch it grow.

Our story

Rooster Punk is an agency for marketing visionaries and business leaders who care deeply about creating brands that matter.

We work with organisations that have a deep commitment to innovating markets, making better products and services, taking an active role in society, treating their employees as ambassadors and ensuring the planet is fit for the next generation.

We recognise that many brands are at different stages of this journey. What’s important is the belief that this approach is the most sustainable way to create high levels of growth and profitability.

Your story

You’re an ambitious company that's looking for fresh thinking and new ideas to drive growth. You believe there has to be a better way to position and market yourself. You just don’t know how.

You want to work with creative partners who care about business outcomes. You want to be excited, intrigued and educated. You crave to work with people who dare and inspire you to take your business to the next level.

Most importantly you want to build something meaningful, to make a difference: on a personal level a business level and to the planet at large. In our world – that’s a story worth crowing about.


Behind our logo you will find a passionate bunch of storytellers, creatives, strategists and technologists all fired up with the same single minded goal: to help create brands that matter. We provide a range of services that include brand strategy, brand identity, storytelling, content creation and brand experiences.

We helped Vodafone inspire 18,000 employees to be the best they can be.
We helped Uniwheel challenge the way people move around towns and cities.
We helped Dealflo reimagine the world of consumer credit agreements.
We helped Volo take to the skies with a new brand identity.
We helped 4th Office redefine a new generation of email users.
We helped Colt give customers their weekends back.

People buy stories not just products.

Stories serve as a shortcut for today’s time-pressed buyers. Rooster Punk’s 13 Stories approach outlines the most powerful narratives your brand should be telling in order to engage your customers and employees.
Live to express not impress

A galactic vision for everyone. Help us unf*ck the planet.

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