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B2B Marketing has evolved. Driving growth is no longer about clever advertising, disruptive media and product driven content. The harsh truth is that customers don’t just want to buy from you, they want to buy into you as well. This simple notion inspired us to create an agency with a different view. A more human one. We simply take a story-first approach to everything we do; changing the way people think about your company by changing the way they feel. When we get it right conversations flow and revenues grow.

How we can help

Level 1 stories

Level 1 stories are transformational, inspiring, game changing and category defining. They shape visions, give a company purpose, inspire customers and rally teams. They create awareness and desire for what you do. They move markets and most importantly move people to see the world like you do. 

Brand. Positioning. Culture. Advertising. Transformation. Experiences. Fund raising.

Level 2 stories

Level 2 stories are campaign centric and sales driven. These are the kind of stories needed to drive customer acquisition and retention. They are a mix of thought leadership, experiential and product driven content. Their purpose is to move prospects through your sales process and reassure and engage existing customers.

Campaigns. Sales. Product launches. Experiences. Thought leadership.

Level 3 stories

Level 3 stories are more tactical and in-the-moment. They focus on taking existing marketing content and presenting it in a more engaging and interesting way. This could be a PowerPoint presentation at an internal event. A product animation at a user conference or simply a better way of creating customer case studies.

Animations. Case studies. Explainer videos. Ebooks. PowerPoint stories. Sales decks.

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People buy stories not just products

Stories serve as a shortcut for today’s time-pressed buyers. Rooster Punk’s 13 Stories approach outlines the most powerful narratives your brand should be telling in order to engage your customers and employees.

13 Stories

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The 10 new rules of branding for tech brands

Read our 10 new rules for getting the most out of your brand.

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