Our Work

Showcase | Capgemini
When you’re facing big challenges, it’s time to think big together
Showcase | Elavon
The payments provider that never misses a beat
Showcase | Elavon
Charming the socks off SMBs for Elavon
Showcase | YuLife
A YuLife case study: Helping businesses take heart.
Showcase | TCS
Introducing TATA Consultancy Services to the British public
Showcase | Learnerbly
Helping Learnerbly grow their people, business and brand
Showcase | Elovo
A truly uplifting tale of Elovo
Case Story | Imagen
A story of mythical creatures made real
Case Story | Capgemini
How getting personal with thought leaders paid off for Capgemini
Showcase | Newsflare
An invitation to the greatest show on earth
Case Story | Crowdcube
Creating a category-defining brand story for Crowdcube.
Case Story | KPMG
A story about facing a changing future, and seeing it through.
Showcase | ENGINE B
How storytelling got under the bonnet of Professional Services.
Showcase | Sage Pay
Touching the hearts of business owners.
Let’s turn this story around and get Britain working again.
Showcase | Rooster Punk
The tale of the rooster and the stone-cold king.
Showcase | Fujitsu
Shaping debate in a radically changing world.
The transformational power of an entertaining story.
Showcase | TCS
Helping TCS connect their story and the global running community.