The back story

PIC is a leader in the niche field of pension insurance: taking on risk for employers to make sure pension funds pay out for policyholders. But bigger, more generalist insurers were winning business because their brands were better known.

A point-of-view document which collated individual write-ups of all the experts’ insights

Key results
Increase in social media followers
Increase in website visits from LinkedIn
Positive sentiment rating on twitter, up from 30%

The quest

Rooster Punk was brought in to help level the playing field by boosting PIC’s profile on social media. PIC had great stories to tell about its investment in sustainable enterprises and the UK economy, but was struggling to reach its target audience.

We set out to:

  • Increase LinkedIn followers from 9,800 to 11,000 followers
  • Increase LinkedIn post clicks from 700 to 2,000
  • Increase LinkedIn click rate to >3.1%
  • Take Twitter positive sentiment rating from 30% to 50%
  • Increase employee post engagements to >500


We had three distinct audiences to reach with this campaign:

  1. Trustees and consultants. These are the people who buy pension insurance, and the consultants who advise them. Our objectives were to broaden the reach into this audience and increase consideration of PIC.
  2. Policy holders. These are pensioners who hold defined benefit pension schemes that have been transferred over to PIC. For this audience we wanted to promote PIC’s financial performance and ethical investments.
  3. PIC employees. PIC wanted to keep staff satisfaction strong and grow brand advocacy to bring personality to its social channels.


Our interviews with PIC executives, trustees, consultants, analysts and policyholders, as well as social listening, highlighted topic areas that PIC could own. People wanted more trusted sources of information about sustainable investments, for instance, and PIC has great stories to tell in that area.


  • We injected personality, empathy and a sense of the company’s strong ethical standpoint into PIC’s social media communications
  • A messaging matrix and regular posting cadence made it easier to get the right stories to the right audiences


PIC was starting from a low base of social media following and activity. Our plan recommended a staged increase in activity over the year – from ‘Crawl’ to ‘Walk’ to ‘Run’ – to provide realistic goals the team could manage.

Outputs included:

  • A story matrix, mapping topics to audiences and outlining the tone of voice
  • LinkedIn and Twitter tactical frameworks setting out goals, posting frequency, and post templates
  • Refreshed social profiles
  • Audited and refreshed collateral to use in the campaign
  • Posts with standout, emotive messaging; and advice on content selection
  • Changes to internal processes to make it easier for employees to find, share and comment on content
  • Training on managing negative sentiment, company engagement, and LinkedIn

PIC Twitter Posts: most engagement rates and reach impressions

Campaign results

The campaign gave PIC increased share of voice in a market which was previously dominated by bigger players.

  • Across all platforms, followers have increased by 12.8%
  • The 12-month LinkedIn follower, click rate and engagement targets were beaten within 5 months
  • The 12-month Twitter sentiment rating target increase from 30% to 50% was beaten within 5 months
  • Employee post engagements rose from <500 to 700
  • Traffic from LinkedIn to PIC’s website has increased by 432%

“Rooster Punk has given us an incredible foundation to help us grow our brand and engage with key decision makers and different stakeholders. Through a laser-focused social media strategy, based on in-depth insights and a clear sense of how best to tell our story, the programme has already delivered beyond expectations and exciting times lie ahead.”

Michael Wolfe, Head of Brand & Marketing, PIC