The back story

The automotive industry is shifting from building cars with predefined code for specific functions, to vehicles like the Tesla, which are built around a computer that offers a dynamic platform for constant software innovation. Software Driven Transformation (SDT) enables this shift.

Capgemini is a multinational firm offering consulting and digital transformation services, with a strong heritage and extensive capabilities in automotive.

A point-of-view document which collated individual write-ups of all the experts’ insights

Key results
Social impressions, 120% of target!
Asset download rate, double previous benchmarks
Engagements per mention, 50% higher than industry average

The quest

Each year, the Capgemini Research Institute (CRI) produces a report which is provided to the Automotive marketing team to use as part of their marketing activities.

Ruth Peters, marketing lead for Automotive, knew that this year’s topic of Software Driven Transformation could drive a step change in brand awareness. She wanted a complementary programme that would unpack all the invaluable insight within the report; add to it with personality from Capgemini’s eleven Automotive thought leaders; and get it into the hands of the target audience. She wanted a programme that would keep the conversation going, long after the CRI report launch.


We targeted a broad audience within the automotive industry, from buyers to influencers of SDT services. Organisations included car manufacturers, infrastructure and transport services businesses and roles ranged from chief software officers to automotive engineers.


Capgemini’s Automotive division is perfectly placed to help vehicle manufacturers reap the benefits of SDT. But it’s a complex, competitive field, with lots of different buyers and influencers to consider.


We needed to add personality throughout the digital journey. We wanted people to connect directly with the Automotive subject matter experts most closely aligned to their area of interest. That way, the insights were most likely to resonate and be shared across our audience.


In previous years, interviews for the CRI annual report had been used for written content only. This year, we filmed them so that the video footage could be used as part of the campaign, with branded Capgemini digital backgrounds to ensure consistency across the video series.

Outputs included:

  • A ‘We Talk Software’ playlist of all eleven video interviews on YouTube
  • Short soundbites, shared by the eleven experts on their own social channels
  • A central landing page, hosting the original CRI report, linked from the social media posts
  • A point-of-view document which collated individual write-ups of all the experts’ insights
  • Individual landing pages per expert, with their video, write-up, the full paper and a contact form to submit questions directly to that individual


Short soundbites, shared by the eleven experts on their own social channels

YouTube ‘We Talk Software’ playlist, supported by individual speaker landing pages, with their write-up and full paper download

Campaign results

The campaign raised awareness of Capgemini as a leader in Software Drive Transformation and successfully positioned its experts as thought leaders. The collateral has been repurposed multiple times since launch globally and used to successfully fuel ABM campaigns.

The programme achieved:

  • 17,600 social impressions, smashing our targets
  • 23% asset download rate, doubling previous benchmarks
  • 51 engagements per mention, over 50% over target
  • 6% LinkedIn engagement rate, 300% of industry benchmark!

“Our most valuable assets, as a marketing team, are the expert insights which differentiate Capgemini from the competition. Extracting them and communicating them in a way which resonates with individuals takes skill. This campaign made clever use of limited resources to elevate our experts and connect them to their audience. We are in a far stronger position to exploit the SDT market as a direct result of this outstanding thought leadership programme.”

Ruth Peters, Marketing Director, Global Automotive Marketing Lead