David Stubbs

David Stubbs got the idea for his business after being in a car accident in the early 2000s. He emerged unscathed but was frustrated about the amount of time it took to process his insurance claim. “I was appalled by the speed of progress. It took weeks. I was angry. After the incident, I started looking into workings of insurance companies.”

In 2016 RightIndem was born, a white-label insurance claims platform that works with insurers to improve claimants’ experiences. It’s a software-as-service solution that digitises the claims process to provide customers with an improved experience. It also provides insurers with better data.

Car accidents and floods in the home are events that happen outside of people’s normal, everyday experience. People need help fast. Speedier handling and resolutions

of insurance claims helps everyone involved: customers and insurance companies.

RightIndem allows customers to control their claim through a web-driven registration portal. Claimants enter their car registration number to get started. They are then guided through a simple user experience, answering questions, adding photos and video,  and annotating a map.

The software has been designed to create a 15-minute user experience as opposed to a forty-minute call to a call centre. Once the claim is being processed, claimants can select a preferred repair workshop and even track the progress of a repair.

David says that innovation in financial services can be slow. What’s different about RightIndem is that it aims to revolutionise the claims process by recognising genuine frustrations and finding a human solution by simplifying and fast-tracking the claims process.

So, what does David feel about being a human brand? “What does it mean to be human? I want to make things bloody work properly!”

It goes beyond simply offering a smooth digital user experience. At the heart of the brand is empathy. The RightIndem platform was designed and built to support the customer in the distressing moments, empathising with the feelings of losing or crashing a car. They know what’s it like to be the person making the claim, and want to make sure that remains the foundation of RightIndem communications.

“It’s designed to anticipate the customer headache before it happens and this starts by putting ourselves in the shoes of the customer. That’s what’s driven this platform,” says David.

The industry needs a mindset change. We need to stop seeing people as ‘claimants’ or ‘policyholders’, and remember they are irrational, emotional, idiosyncratic human beings. RightIndem is a startup business trying to stand up for a better, more human approach to the difficult circumstances and feelings surrounding an insurance claim. David’s recognition that the insurance industry needs to put the customer at the heart of the claim is just one reason why RightIndem has been shortlisted for insurance brand of the year.

RightIndem isn’t just providing a better customer experience, it also provides valuable data that can be used to improve the insurance company’s service. The insurance industry wants a better relationship with the customer but often that is hard to do via call centres. “In this industry, it’s revolutionary to get user feedback,” David says. “We can constantly improve the user experience by always collecting feedback and data that every part of the organisation can see.” The platform digitally collates all the data – from text to video and pictures – around the claim, enabling the insurance company to drive iterative improvement.

David believes this data gathering is transformative for the industry. “We now have the data to make the claim process more efficient,” he says.

The RightIndem platform is a white-label service for insurance companies, so this human-centred approach isn’t just a marketing ploy. Instead, the service not only

delivers a better customer experience but keeps admin and indemnity costs down.

To understand what drives the business forward and keep it innovating we only need to go back to David’s own experience with his claim process and his desire to create a better, more human, experience.

Tips for being more human

  • Righting the wrongs of terrible customer experience is the best place to start for innovation.
  • Shift your mindset. If you think about people as account holders, numbers or statistics you’ve already lost the human race.
  • You don’t need to aim for all-out revolution. Evolutionary solutions that help the industry giants to be more human is what will help turn the tide.

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