Case Study | Imagen

A story of mythical creatures made real

27 January, 2022

The back story 

For many businesses, looking after a rapidly growing inventory of digital assets – all your videos, logos, photographs and so on – can be a real headache. Files go missing, old logos refuse to disappear, hefty videos get stuck in pipes. The result is a lot of frustration and wasted time.

Enter Imagen Go. Created by Imagen, a long-standing leader in video and digital asset management (DAM) technology for the media industry, Imagen Go is a “lite” version of its main offering, aimed at commercial organisations.  


Key Results:
Unique page views,
with a relatively low
bounce rate of 37%.
Registrations globally,
well above target
and expectations.
Activations - an excellent 51%
activation rate which was a key potential drop-off point, and exceeded expectations.
Paid subscriptions in
the first 6 months,
proving demand was there.


The quest  

Rooster Punk’s challenge was to create an engaging story for Imagen Go and take it to market. The goals were bold and the launch would be closely monitored in terms of ROI.

The audience  

Imagen had seen an opportunity to expand from their core broadcast sector offering into the corporate enterprise segment, and created a pared-down version of their flagship product that they could price attractively. The challenge, though, was one of education. Imagen Go was designed to solve problems that the audience wasn’t yet consciously aware of.  


We knew that digital asset management was causing a whole lot of wasted time, inefficiency and low-level irritation in organisations everywhere. What we needed to do was to bring those annoyances to life in a way that audiences would instantly recognise.  

Everyone has been there: painfully attempting to transfer big files. Trying to find an elusive image that you just know is there… somewhere. Manually tagging content, unearthing strings of duplicated files, and being haunted by long-dead old logos that just won’t rest in peace. 

The story  

Our solution was to personify – or, more accurately, creaturify – these day-to-day issues as a series of well-meaning but oh-so-unhelpful characters: the Creatures of Content Chaos. 

It allowed us to point out a whole string of negatives, but to do so in such an engaging way that it would amuse and entertain rather than turn the audience off. 

We created an overarching story with Imagen Go as the hero: the perfect solution to tame these pesky critters and get your digital assets flowing smoothly again. And we created an individual story for each Creature, detailing their nasty habits to bring each issue and Imagen Go’s corresponding solution to life. 

Cast of characters  


Causes dreadful blockages as he desperately tries to force his bulk through email systems.


Randomly reproduces himself, creating copies with tiny differences that only his mother could spot. 


Conjures up defunct files from the depths of deletion with a wave of his tangled limbs. 


Loves to play hide-and-seek. She’s always tucking files away and forgetting where she’s hidden them.  


Try as you might to apply tags to your files, Tagger just shakes like a wet dog and sends them flying.  

Creative treatment  

We wanted the creatures to be made up from recognisable components taken from the world of digital asset management – cables, USBs, post-it notes and so on. And we wanted them to have a 3D feel, at home in animation as well as in stills. Our brief to the extremely clever illustrators (our friends at Call Me Al Imaging) was ‘junk modelling meets Pixar meets shiny grown-up looking tech’. They nailed it. 


The project covered two phases: creating a product brand and taking it to market. 

Key elements we created were :  

  • Look and feel, illustrations, story, creature character development and bios
  • Campaign playbook
  • Campaign messaging
  • Launch video
  • ‘Out of frame’ Linkedin takeover posts

‘Out of frame’ Linkedin takeover posts for: ‘Terrorbyte’. You can see the full collection of animated LinkedIn posts here.

Campaign results

The first six months were crucial – understanding the funnel in the first quarter and seeing how conversion could be optimised in the second. We achieved:

  • 10,000 unique page views, with a relatively low bounce rate of 37% 
  • 571 Registrations globally, well above target and expectations 
  • 291 Activations – an excellent 51% activation rate which was a key potential drop-off point, and exceeded expectations 
  • Five paid subscriptions in the first 6 months – proving demand was there. 

Imagen Go was one of those projects that ended up even better than we’d imagined it on the drawing board back at the start. Everyone gave it their all: not only our creative team whose ‘baby’ it was, but our clients at Imagen who really got behind it and made a major contribution to the development of the characters. Hats off too to illustrator Mike Bullot and the wonderful people at Call Me Al imaging, whose talents really took the finished work to another level. What a team! 

“The Rooster Punk team surpassed all our expectations for the Imagen Go launch campaign. Always a delight to work with, they poured all their creativity into our crazy little critters. They really got under the skin of our brand and our desire to make Go stand out from the crowd, and they well and truly delivered whilst ensuring our target audience could identify their pain points and learn that there are solutions out there, that means you don’t have to accept the status quo.”

Helen Aboagye - Chief Marketing Officer Imagen

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