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Lighting the way to a better future for all

7 December, 2023

The back story

Capgemini is a strategic consulting partner that helps organisations transform to achieve the future they want. Their focus within Energy & Utilities has become increasingly important and urgent as the impacts of climate change are felt and the energy sector is under pressure to successfully navigate the energy transition.  


The quest

Capgemini Energy Transition & Utilities needed to create a compelling positioning to go to market with. The aim of the campaign was to encourage E&U clients that the time is now to act on the energy transition – and that Capgemini’s vision and expertise makes them the ideal partner to support their journey to a low-carbon, circular, sustainable future.   



As the energy transition is a top priority for everyone within energy, the campaign had to be inclusive of every type of energy company. From fuel production and energy generation to energy distribution and clean energy tech, from start-up to enterprise, the messaging and campaign had to resonate with the energy industry as a whole.  

Our primary audience was Heads of Engineering and Business Transformation, but due to the focus on large-scale business impact we were also talking to stakeholders such as CEOs and CFOs.   



  • Behavioural science tells us that in order to persuade wider audiences, they need to understand the positives for them. People will either be skeptical of or unwilling to engage with ‘doomsaying’; fear can paralyse instead of energising 
  • Climate change means there’s an increasingly negative perception of energy companies, yet they are the ones who will be at the heart of forging a cleaner, greener world 
  • We’ve forgotten how transformational energy is. But it unlocks everything. When power is clean and affordable, it doesn’t just create ‘sustainability’, it creates health, wealth and happiness for all 


The organising story

Let’s not just focus on what the energy transition will avert, but on what it will enable – for our economy and society. 

Rooster Punk worked with Capgemini to create an inspiring new energy story. One that acknowledges the challenges ahead but focuses on the undiscovered world beyond.  

The energy transition isn’t just about low-carbon energy. It’s about creating energy ecosystems that are democratized, diversified and circular. Creating customer relationships that are informed and purposeful. Creating societies that can independently thrive in every part of the world.  

We wanted Capgemini’s clients to feel recognised for the hard work and innovation required of them and for them to be the heroes of the narrative. Energy is the fundamental enabler of society and so by extension, energy companies play an incredibly important role in all our lives.  



We saw futurecasting as the perfect tool to help Energy & Utilities clients envision the opportunities that will be abound in a world powered with sufficient clean, affordable energy. The point of creating these future scenario vignettes is not to exactly predict the future, but rather to articulate a point of view, provoke conversations, and open up debate. In order to shift our audience’s mindset, the scenarios needed to demonstrate the energy positive story, while also highlighting the enablement of broader themes such as equality, prosperity, health and education.  

The future scenarios needed to be universal, global, optimistic yet realistic, and both industry and end-consumer focused. The first phase of the GTM focused on Capgemini’s core markets – Europe and the USA.   


The campaign concept

Our lead creative concept for this campaign was: Together we can light the way… 

By framing the campaign in this way, we were able to talk to the broader goal of lighting the way to a cleaner future through the energy transition, as well as delve into the various scenario concepts, with each one lighting the way to a different human benefit of the energy transition. By emphasising togetherness, the campaign spoke to the wide spectrum of energy players, inviting them into the story and positioning Capgemini as a key component of achieving success.   

The campaign icons are unique and visually powerful, making the campaign instantly recognisable and ownable by Capgemini.  


Campaign Key Visuals, Capgemini, 2023.

Campaign activation

We launched the campaign with a hero film that brought our campaign story to life, aiming to inspire leaders across the energy industry by focusing on what the energy transition will make possible for people, businesses, communities and the world. This hero film, together with an overarching campaign visual, was used across the Capgemini website and social platforms to launch the new strategy to market.

Following this, we activated a mini campaign per scenario. We created an advertising concept per regional scenario including image, iconography, headline and copy, which were used on email, social, web and associated assets. Associated assets per scenario included: a blog, an infographic and a video. Each asset brought the scenario to life in a different way, focusing on who will be impacted, how they’ll be impacted, and what the end-to-end energy story will look like.

This campaign was also supported by existing content pieces such as point of views and case studies related to the scenario topic. While the scenarios are hypothetical, they are grounded in credible data and research. It was important to demonstrate Capgemini’s current expertise within each area, whether that be EVs, grid management or sustainable manufacturing operations.   

Key Campaign Assets, Capgemini, 2023. (Campaign Playbook, Social Carousel Ad, Display Ads, Email Template and Infographic)

“Rooster Punk helped us with our brand re-positioning project and associated marketing campaign. The project was long-running over many months and involved consultations with multiple senior subject matter experts and internal digital and branding teams. Throughout, the Rooster Punk team were knowledgeable, creative and professional – keeping us to agreed deadlines while also being flexible where needed, and absorbing feedback while keeping us true to the strong Creative being developed. Together, we turned at times complex ideas into a compelling story and we are thrilled with the results. I would recommend Rooster Punk to anyone looking for expert B2B marketers.”

Lucy Colling, Global Marketing Lead, Energy Transition & Utilities

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