Eric Mouilleron
Chief Executive Officer
"I’m building a culture of people who smile, who enjoy what they do. We’re growing fast."

Nestled in amongst some of the world’s biggest financial institutions at London’s Canary Wharf, a small FinTech company has its UK base. Bankable is a global architect of innovative payment solutions providing ‘banking as a service’.

Bankable was founded by French entrepreneur Eric Mouilleron who spotted an opportunity for improving the payments industry. Bankable’s software allows clients to develop payment solutions tailored to their business needs. Clients range from startups and SMEs to global banks.

From the outside FinTech brands can appear abstract: their digital products and services often feel intangible. So, what does a FinTech business like Bankable think about being human? “Are we a human brand? Yes, we are building something human. Our banking-as-a-service software might be an automated solution but it’s one built and designed by people and with other people – our customers – in mind,” says Eric. “It may feel abstract to outsiders, but it’s a very tangible service to our customers.”

Bankable has 25 people across offices in Canary Wharf and Paris. Although their offering is all about automating and improving the payment industry, Eric explains that being human is part of its culture.

Bankable’s business growth and development starts with having the right team members in place and Eric enjoys the recruitment and talent side of the business. “Team members having the right attitude is a prerequisite. They need the right skills but they also have to be able to collaborate. At Bankable, no-one works in isolation, so you must get on with everyone else. We can’t cope with geniuses who don’t want to talk to each other!”

Bankable’s organisational culture encourages its people to speak up and ask questions, therefore it recruits those people who have a good capacity to learn. “We work in an area where there are plenty of challenges. Our culture is about recognising that we don’t know all the answers, so we need to ask the right questions.”

The key to engaging with customers is to understand their customer’s world and being situated at Canary Wharf allows his team to do that, being curious and investigating how they operate. Regardless of whether they’re dealing with a SME customer or a global banking giant, the brand’s humanity comes into play. “We need to be human with customers, to listen and engage,” says Eric.

‘Disruptive’ may be viewed as an over-used word to describe industry newcomers, but it’s a genuine driver for this business. As a disruptive startup, Bankable has a clear purpose – changing the way things have always been done by making payments faster and cheaper. “We’re entrepreneurial, we’re here to change things, to enable disruption and to enable the disrupters.” It’s that mission that underpins the entrepreneurial spirit of the brand.

With further growth planned for 2017 and the team set to double in numbers, Bankable needs to stay human. “Our humanity is key to our organisational culture and how we serve customers. I’m building a culture of people who smile, who enjoy what they do. We’re growing fast. Getting the people right is vital.”

Tips for being more human

  • Hire people that know how to ask the right questions, not just intellects.
  • Be where your customers are – literally.
  • To innovate you need to build a culture that embraces failure. Otherwise you’re not genuinely innovating; you’re just ‘improving’.

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