Who: Colt was founded in 1992 by Jim Hynes with funds provided by Fidelity Investments as City Of London Telecommunications. Today it provides world-class network and communications services to information-intensive businesses across Europe, Asia and North America.

Why: Colt was undergoing an internal transformation to ensure its technology leadership was matched with an absolute focus on customer service. Following a successful pitch, Rooster Punk were tasked with developing a PAN EMEA Advertising campaign that would help Colt connect emotionally with its core B2B customer base.

What: We developed a humanising campaign called “Risks are for the weekend”. We wanted to let all Colt customers know that whatever they had planned for their weekend, Colt had them covered at work. The campaign ran across key press, outdoor and online sites across the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Benelux. Assets included a range of advertising executed across multiple formats as well as online banners, video content, a website and internal communications.

The core idea of the Colt advertising campaign was to create an emotional connection with a European audience that was ‘out of place’ for the category. While most network providers focused on their technology, we wanted to humanise the Colt service proposition in a way that elevated them above the standard commodity play. The ‘Risks are for the weekend’ campaign set out a clear message, that whilst technology is central to business, people and great service are what really matters.


We came to Rooster Punk at a time where we had recently rebranded to better communicate our absolute focus on customer experience. Rooster Punk worked very closely with us to uncover insights about what technology means not just to the businesses we work with, but to the people who every day make decisions that can mean their business moving forward or being left behind. They then translated these insights into a comprehensive multi-lingual campaign that spoke to business in a human way. We were very happy with the campaign and saw great results – I would happily work with them again.”

Laura Perrott, Head of Brand, Colt


Achievements: The campaign metrics saw spontaneous awareness rise from16% to 41%. ‘Risks are for the weekend’ also saw brand preference rise dramatically from 8% to 20%. Propensity to commission and knowledge about Colt also saw double digit increases.


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