Who: Samsung is a global Korean electronics giant. Most people know them for their Smartphones and TV’s. What most people don’t know is that they also provide businesses with everything from aircon systems to printers, and displays to networking equipment.

Why: Samsung for business needed a new story and new positioning that would elevate them above the noise of product features and benefits and change business people’s perception of who they are and what they stand for.

What: We developed a category changing story for Samsung that took the conversation from bits and bytes to something more human and meaningful. Our idea was inspired by the simple truth that when we come home from work our loved ones ask us “How was your day at the office?”. Our response to this age old question is more and more conditioned by technology fails in our day i.e. a cracked screen on our phone, a dying battery and so forth. Samsung rallied behind the idea that all their technologies are designed to inspire ‘More Good Days at Work’.


The "More Good Days at Work" campaign had its first outing in Bristol in November 2016, with follow-up roadshows in Manchester, Birmingham and London in 2017. The Bristol launch kicked off with a social media campaign that rewarded companies for telling us about their 'good days' by sending a Barista coffee truck and free cup-cakes to their offices. We also created special social messages for companies using England rugby stars as well as a radio competition to win free advertising on a giant outdoor digital display in the city. This was backed up with special Samsung product promotions and a grand finale event featuring Olympian gold medal winner Helen Glover.
Samsung Sally Wright


“We were hugely impressed with Rooster Punk’s ability to help create an emotional story for our business audience that could transcend everything from smartphones to displays and public sector to financial services. The ‘More Good Days’ story resonated across our business and has given us a bold creative platform to have more engaging conversations with all types of business owners and decision makers.”

Sally Wright, Marketing Director, Samsung Electronics


Achievements: The ‘More Good Days’ campaign contributed to a stellar set of business results for Samsung. Year-on-year sales increased by 132%. It’s year-on-year revenue growth target was nearly doubled. Partner’s sales targets for premium devices were smashed by 20%. And in a network test with Vodafone to incentivise Vodafone sales teams, simply changing the messaging to ‘More Good Days’ saw a 53% uplift in sales.


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